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Commercial Tires - Design, Construction and Functionality.

No matter which tire manufacturers' products you examine, their medium truck tires share a similar functional design. They are manufactured from rubber mixed with a variety of other compounds and normally have steel belts. They also have sidewalls, beads and a tread with grooves or lugs.

Beyond those similarities, each manufacturer of medium truck tires may have different ways of building a tire and their own philosophy and approach to the truck tire market. They can even have different names for the same essential parts of a tire. One company may call it their rejector platform and their competitor may refer to it as a stone ejector feature.

We specialize in working with our customers to find the tire manufacture that meets our customer’s needs.

Stop in today to find out how we can serve you.

“Adapted from columns in Tire Review”

Motor Home/RV Tires - We specialize in motor home tires and alignment. Please call for further information, these services depend upon the size of your motor home.

For many of us choosing the right tires for our motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer is easy, we use the tires installed by the RV manufacturer. However, while the tires installed by the manufacture may be adequate, they may not provide a sufficient margin of safety.

That is where Able Tire exceeds.

To know if your tires are the right ones for your motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer it's important that we compare the fully loaded weight of your RV to the weight rating of the tires. Ask us today, and we would be honored to earn your business.

Trailer Tires - We do brakes, bearings, lights and axles on all utility and RV trailers. If you have any questions, please give us a call

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